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Indian food is stereotyped and inspite of its health benefits,its varied textures and variety not much is known about it apart from what is commercialised. Vanasaanda tries to talk about these lesser known aspects of Indian cuisine.

Vanasaanda also covers the beauty of simple Indian food in an attempt to eliminate the stereotype that Indian food and spices are so complex to handle and makes you want to try them yourself.

It is also a window to look at the beauty of lesser talked Indian food through foodPhotography,travel,restaurant hopping which captures its beauty and excites people enough to want to look them up.

Because my belief is Indian food is  just curries and breads we will also cover the recipes reimagined and recreated recipes from your truly's kitchen that interest global Palate.Since my crazy love for food is not limited to Indian cuisine, any crazy successful global recipes that constantly churn out of the kitchen will be up for grabs too.So keep watching this space.