egg soup

source site March 29, 2017

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rencontres st-hyacinthe There are soups.. and then there’s egg soup with tiny bits of egg floating on top. Add to that my own twist with spring onion flowers and dill. Heres the recipe: You will need:

opcje binarne strategie 5 minut 4-5 sprigs of finely chopped dill

single frauen korea 1-2 stalks of spring onion flowers. chop the stalks and use,discard the flowers

binaire opties ervaring 2 tsp cornflour

click chicken/vegetable stock 1 bowl salt to taste

pepper powder as per taste

1 egg


Break the egg into a bowl and mix it well so that the egg white and yolk is mixed well.Add a pinch of salt.Mix and keep aside.

Take the cornflour in a bowl mix with equal quantity of water till no lumps of four remain. Keep aside.

Heat the stock in a pan and add the spring onion stalks first and let it simmer.These stalks take longer to cook hence need to be added first. Next add the cornflour mixture to it and stir well.

Add salt and pepper powder.

Keep stirring and slowly add the egg mixture to the pan as you stir. Till the egg separates into tiny egg drops.

Let the soup come to a boil.Garnish with chopped dill leaves and serve with some garlic bread or bread sticks.