french dosa?



Somedays you need something sweet and this one time I came home craving a beautiful french toast and warm inviting the vanilla fragrance filling up the room.But I just had ID select dosa batter and no bread left at home.So to make the best of the situation I made the frenchdosa the recipe for which I am sure you will not find anywhere else.

This tastes almost like a pancake/crepe which makes it even more exciting and adaptable to general tastes, after all who can say no to pancakes/crepes right!



vanilla bean/essence 2 drops

icing sugar 3 spoons


Beat the egg well till it is foamy. Add in the vanilla essence and the icing sugar and beat well.

In a nonstick pan,make a dosa/crepe with dosa batter and spread the egg mixture on top. Let the dosa cook and then flip on other side. Cook till done and serve.