Horsegram or kulthi

If you are a fan of clear soups heres one konkani traditional recipe that can make a healthy soup in a jiffy.

This is another of my takes on how traditional indian cuisine can be served in a way food is consumed worldwide.Kulta kaat qualifies very closely as a clear soup and is quite nutritious as expected out of a soup.

Kulta kaat is a traditional recipe which requires pressure cooking horsegram till done, and use the nutritious water that is thus filtered for a flavored curry.


1 or 2 green chilly slit

Marble sized tamarind

1 cup horsegram

Salt as per taste

Coconut oil/refined oil

Garlic cloves 6-7

1 red chilly



Boil soaked horsegram with enough water 5 inches above it.Pressure cook until 5 whistles of the cooker.

Once the cooker has opened,filter the horsegram out.It can be used to make salads or stirfrys.

Once the horsegram is filtered out,to the nutritious liquid separated, add the tamarind,green chilly and salt and heat it till the liquid boils.

In a wok or tempering spoon,heat coconut oil and add 6-7 crushed garlic cloves and broken red chillies and let them cook till browned.Dont let them burn.

Add this tempering along with the tempering oil that now has captured the flavors and essence of the garlic and chilly  to the horsegram soup and serve.

More on horsegram:

Horsegram is also called:

Kollu in Tamil

Ulavalu in Telugu

Kulthi in Hindi

Scientific name:Macrotyloma uniflorum

It is highly nutritious as it has very high levels of calcium,iron and protien as compared to other pulses.It is also rich in major anti-oxidants. Apart from the above the horsegram is a good source of fibre,good for diabetics and used to treat high cholestrol.

So, horsegram soup anyone?