indian summer mango parfait




Its summer here in India and we welcome my favorite season, the season of Mangoes and jackfruit. Summer is incomplete without enjoying the different flavors of mangoes ranging from the raw mango curries, juices to the ripe mango curries and the aamras. I mean if you havent enjoyed aamras in life its an important life event you have missed:p

So as i hawkishly scan the aisles for the first raw mangoes as soon as summer begins to mke my favorite aam panna which is a must have ritual every summer, this time I finally decide to create a dessert that captures the flavors of indian summer and its memories while its still easy to put together and carry as a breakfast snack or a quick dessert when you have the “cravings”.

This dessert has 3 layers: aam panna curd+muesli+fresh ripe mango cubes

For the aam panna concentrate:


You can make this raw mango concentrate and store it in an airtight container to make fresh juice or to use it as a flavoring agent for the curd. This is an Indian twist to the lemon curd/raspberry curd you usually enjoy in western desserts.


Peeled 2-3 raw mangoes

3/4th cup sugar

1 tsp jeera/cumin seeds

half tsp saffron soaked in warm water

powdered black salt 1 tsp

powdered elaichi/cardamom 2-3


Pressure cook the raw mangoes for 4-5 whistles. Once done, extract the pulp.

In a blender, add the pulp and rest of the ingredients and blend till smooth.

This can now be heated in low flame till it boils . Let it cool and refrigerate in airtight container.


For the aam panna curd:


2-3 eggs

sugar 3-5 tsps

vanilla essense 2 drops

aam panna concentrate 2 tbsp


In a bowl combine all the ingredients and give it a good whisk.

Now create a double boiler apparatus like so:bottom utensil 1/4th filled with water, a steamer/rinser utelsil with perforations parked on top of it to let the steam through. Now place your bowl with the aam panna ingredients on top of this.

It is important to control the heat either by keeping the flame low or by constantly stirring as you dont want the eggs to solidify. We are looking for a smooth puree as we cook the mixture with just the steam. If you feel you see the eggs solidifying take it off the heat and stir constantly and put it back on low flame.

Continue till a smooth custardy consistency is achieved. If you have lumps, sieve the mixture before you store it in an airtight container and refrigerate.


Assembling the dessert:


Take a see through glass jar/cup:

Add the amm panna curd. Top it with breakfast muesli and fresh mango cubes. Serve.

There you have it , all the flavors of an Indian summer in a glass with raw and and ripe mango ,served chilled as you beat the heat with this dessert.