Jujubes or indian ber


Indian ber/jujube fruit


Winter is here with a bounty and the fruits are filled with streetside carts full of local treasures like these Indian ber/jujube or bore hannu in kannada.

Scientific name: Ziziphus mauritiana

I found these in kammanahalli,bangalore. Rarely do you find these local fruits in supermarkets but these are the real superfoods that you should not miss out in your diet.Jujubes are locals to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Central China and Bangladesh.

Nutritional Value of jujube as per the : http://theindianvegan.blogspot.in/2012/10/all-about-jujube-in-india.html :

  • 20.2g Carb (7% RDI)
  • 1.30g Protein (2% RDI)
  • .2g Fat (negligible)
  • 40IU Vitamin A (negligible)
  • 69mg Vitamin C (115% RDI)
  • Thiamine/B1 (1% RDI)
  • Riboflavin/B2 (2% RDI)
  • .9mg Niacin (4% RDI)
  • .1mg Vitamin B6 (4% RDI)
  • 21mg Calcium (2% RDI)
  • .5mg Iron (3% RDI)
  • 10mg Magnesium (2% RDI)
  • 23mg Phosphorous (2% RDI)
  • 250mg Potassium (7% RDI)
  • .1mg Copper (4% RDI)
  • .1mg Manganese (4% RDI)

Ayurveda also lists the benefits of this wonderfruit:

Ber Fruit: Indian Jujube Uses, Dose, Side Effect, Research

10 reasons stylecraze has on why you should include jujubes in your diet:


Indian ber/jujube fruit

Here are some recipes that you can enjoy:

From India:

Green ber ki chutney:

Green Ber Ki Chutney | Indian Plum & Mint Dip | Smooth Minty Jujube Salsa

Sundried ber vadai from south india:



From Korea:


Jujube stuffed korean braised turkey:


From China:

Jujube and goji berry tea:

Chinese jujube and goji tea (红枣茶)

Jujube breakfast oatmeal:


Jujube cakes:

Moist and Soft Jujube Cakes

PS: Vanasaanda makes these collections in an effort to arouse interest in local produce in times where people go for supermarket trends and fixed gourmet foods that dont always come cheap. It is our belief that exotic foods can be rustled up at home with rare ingredients available economically back at home too. Help us write more on such ingredients and help grow our collection.