Kadi Pakoda starter



kadi pakoda,buttermilk sauce, onion dumplings,indian food,finger food

kadi pakoda,buttermilk sauce, onion dumplings,indian food,finger food

Kadi Pakoda is a favorite Punjabi combination and theres much to love about it. It is a simple spiced yoghurt gravy served with crispy onion pakodas/tempura which are floating in the gravy. Makes a complete meal when served with Steamed white rice.

But if you simplify the dish and look at its elements it is quite simply a crispy served with a sauce. Which is why this makes it an ideal finger food. Plus what it has going for it is the medley of flavors brought by the spices,the mildness of yoghurt and the crispiness of the deep fried pakodas.Whats more,its so easy to rustle up with ingredients you easily have at hand and is not time consuming which is the most important criteria for fast food.

You will need:

For the sauce:

1 cup Indian yoghurt/dahi


salt to taste

1 tsp cumin

1tsp mustard

2 green chillies slit open

1 sprig curry leaves

half tbsp ghee for tempering

1tsp turmeric powder

half tbsp chickpea flour

For the pakoda:

2 onions julienned

2 pinch carrom seeds

2-3 tsp red chilly powder

salt to taste

half a cup chickpea flour/besan


1 pinch cumin seeds

1 pinch asafoetida/hing

oil for deepfrying


To make Pakoda:

Mix together the onions,hing,cumin,carrom seeds,red chilly powder,besan in a bowl.The besan should be enough to cover all the onions liberally. Add enough water to help the chickpea flour bind to the ingredients.

Now shape into balls,deep fry in heated oil till golden brown on medium heat so that it is cooked through till its innards. Drain any excess oil onto tissues.

To make the sauce:

Mix yoghurt,chickpea flour,turmeric in a bowl till smooth as a paste.Add water if the paste feels too thick. Mix well.

In a wok,heat ghee add cumin,mustard and let it splutter. Now add curry leaves,green chillies. Let them leak thier heat into the oil. Now slowly tip in the yoghurt sauce into the wok carefully and mix it well with a spoon so that you dont let the flour settle to the bottom. Add water if required.We are looking for a sauce consistency.

Let it come to a boil.The sauce is now ready.

The sauce tends to dry up as the besan absorbs the moisture with time or on heating.In such a case just add water as required and heat it to a boil and use.

Serve the Pakodas with this flavored yoghurt sauce!


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