malabar spinach/basale




malabar spinach stir fry mangalorean style

Many a times we go ga ga over exotic veggies but we in India with moderate climate are blessed with so much produce that is exotic to all . Like the humble malabar spinach/ceylon spinach/poi leaves/basale that grow in abundance in our backyards. It is cooked in many other cuisines like Vietnamese,gujarathi,mangalorean,bengali,andhra etc which gives you an excellent exotic menu right here!

This summer green is with thick fleshy leaves is considered great for salads and soups and that familiar taste we associate with it is described as tasting of citrus and pepper.

Heres an excellent article via @thekitchn introducing the malabar spinach:

If you fancy cooking it in an exotic manner here is @gardenista on her recipe:

Garden-to-Table Recipe: Spicy Spinach from 66 Square Feet



Or if you prefer andhra style with some yam:

Kanda Bachali Koora (Yam and Malabar Spinach Curry/Suran-Mayalu ki Bhaji) – 1


Then theres this bengali style recipe:

Or a wonderful shrimp- malabar spinach soup Vietnamese style:

or maybe a malabar pinach chicken broth by urbanplants:

Berlin: Houseplants for Lunch

Or a creamy spinach srilankan style: