mango-daliya breakfast

Its mango season and this recipe I am sharing today is another adaptation of traditional cuisine of udupi mangalore that I enjoy. Health diets are very popular and with todays lifestyle we do need a quick cheat for breakfast. That is not the only requirement as it needs to be healthy too. So taking inspiration from the oat meal breakfast fad, if you look closer to home for something that is locally grown and equally delicious, we have the daliya which is broken wheat. This is considered very healthy as it imparts necessary amount of fibre and nutrients and was is enjoyed in traditional breakfasts as upma or khichdi.

Udupi cuisine’s godhi kadi payasam is much loved and is a delicacy made with broken wheat ,jaggery and coconut milk.It is served on eventful occasions like marriage and religious festivities. Given that godhi kadi/daliya/broken wheat is as healthy as oats and jaggery is a healthier alternative to sugar and with the knowledge of flavor pairing where mango works quite well with broken wheat,milk and jaggery flavors I have put together my todays recipe which is a painless adaptation of the traditional godhi kadi payasam. Whats more,my adaptation of it is so easy to make.

You will need:

1 cup broken wheat

1 cup milk

1 cup water

2 tsp jaggery

For the mango curd:

half cup mango puree

1 egg

sugar half cup

lemon juice 2 tsp


In a pressure cooker add the daliya, water,jaggery and let it boil till 1 whistle.

Once the cooker opens, add milk and mix well. Let it cool.Overtime, the daliya soaks the milk and plumps up and this is preferred for this recipe.

For the mango curd:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and in a double boiler cook the mixture for 8-10 min with constant stirring. If you forget to stir you will land with scrambled mango egg:p If you do not prefer the smell of egg you could add 2 drops of vanilla essence to cover it.This stays well for upto 2-3 weeks when stored in a fridge.

To assemble:

Layer the daliya mixture at the bottom of your bowl/jar. Top it with a layer of mango curd. Garnish with pumpkin seeds,fruits of choice or dry fruits and serve as breakfast or dessert.

This makes a fun breakfast recipe for kids and adults, it is easy to make when pressed for time and if made ahead of time on weekends, you can just pick your jar and head to office for a on the go breakfast.

The flavors of daliya,jaggery,milk,mango work really well together and has made this my go-to breakfast cheat of all time.