mango lentil soup with fresh mint


Mangoes are here and there are so many varieties I cant have enough of them. Only one constraint,that extra layer of fat that felt so comforting in winter can be very irritating in summer and am trying to get rid of it like you try to get rid of an unwanted guest:p

So no yummy rice with mango curry for dinner and instead am restricted to soups.But who says soups cant be fun and so I set out to make mine equally yummy so that I dont miss out on all that curry.

I pick Sindhura mangoes in the supermarket for this recipe and decide on making a daal based soup as it is packed with protein and daal is always very comforting. Daal with a dollop of ghee. Stuff for gods. After all, we offer nothing best to the gods and all Hindu rituals strictly specify ghee offerings to please the gods. They certainly knew what they liked. And now, with all the science that proves that ghee is actually a better fat for the body I can now include my favorite fat in my diet without any qualms. Yes favorite fat, one whiff of ghee when its heated and I have always rushed to the kitchen to ask whats cooking, one whiff of ghee at grannys place and I know shes making my favorite khichdi made by her, that golden liquid that is drizzled on steaming hot rice and daal at wedding feasts on banana leaves which somehow makes daal taste even better…so many memories of ghee. ¬†And now that I have done the mandatory rambling I guess, we can finally get to the recipe.


2 sweet and sour mangoes partly ripened ones peeled and pureed. Try sindhura or sugar baby mangoes

1 cup tuvar daal presoaked and pressure cooked

2-3 sprig mint leaves

salt as per liking

red chilly powder 2 tsp

1 tsp ghee

1 tsp jaggery

10-15 boiled peanuts for crunch


Blend the pressure cooked daal along with the mango puree.

In a wok/pressure cooker, heat this puree, add the rest of the ingredients and simmer. Add the ghee at the end for flavor and fragrance.

Serve warm.

PS:Daal tends to absorb water content and thicken. Add water and adjust liquid consistency accordingly while reheating.