Streets,food,Monuments Ahmedabad

One thing that always get me excited is to try something new. All thanks to mom who has spoiled me rotten with her attempts at trying new things. This vacation when I was looking for an amazing location,food was one of the deciding factors ofcourse! And hence Ahmedabad.

We toured and covered beautiful monuments at the Sarkhej Roja which is a beautiful tomb/mosque overlooking a lake. The beauty of the monument and the serenity were my takeaways from this beautiful place.


Next up was the Kankaria lake which was so well maintained and had this lovely train ride to take you around the huge lake.


On my way to Kankaria I happened to catch a glimpse of a huge eatery with pink drinks bieng made. My interest was piqued ofcourse and the friendly cab guy was all too happy to share the name of the place and must trys there.Thats how I discovered the Bhajia house Astodia which faces the Astodia darwaza.

Here we tried the much recommended gulab falooda.


Amazing jewel like colors isnt it!


Next up on my way back I felt like some dhabeli which is basically potato mixture with peanuts and pomengranate seeds,onions,sev stuffed between bread slices and toated in Amul butter and served with fresh spicy mint chutney and sweet sauce. I was recommended the Muncipal Market on CG road. Here we the dhabeli street food for just 20 bucks.Amazing flavor,fresh mint chutney and my tongue just came alive!

Next we also tried the flavored pani puris which we stuffed into our mouth like we wer auditioning for the Olympics. They had these flavored panis in huge earthen jars which kept them cool too!My first look at them in Ahmedabad.Havent seem them in Mumbai either. They served lemon,cumin,tomato-ginger,garlic,mint,hajamola flavored pani puris which have long been on my wishlist ever since I heard of them from a gujarati colleague.

We also tried the yummy pani puris which Il be honest,are so tough to find in Karnataka as nobody nails the flavors right!

All this downed with some fresh lemon flavored sugarcane juice to ease it down.

While exploring the CG Road we saw these common stands which had these huge brass hammered utensil balanced vetically and the vendor toasting the kulcha bread and we find that gujaratis love thier Chola kulcha! Never had I seen this as a street snack in south India before ,particularly served like this. Whats next we had to try this! We were served the chola in a plate topped with lemon,raw onion,cucumber,tomato and the sweet and really spicy sauce and with kulcha bread. This kulcha bread was a different one than what is served in restaurants. It was almost like bread and very yummy on its own. This was toasted in butter and topped with coriander and served hot with the chickpea gravy. Yummy!

We were lucky to witness the minbogglingly symmetrical and detailed carvings at the Rani ki Vav and Sun temple which made the trip totally worth it.

Rani Ki Vav:






The beautiful Adalaj Stepwell:





Next up was the Khau Galli at Law garden. The honest bakery Pav bhaji was much recommended, as was the Ashrafi kulfi,Jasubens gujarathi version of pizza.

We ended up here too early.Crowds normally throng at the eat streets from 8pm to 2pm in gujarath. The pavbhaji priced at 170 bucks was good.They always serve loads of bhaji and ask if you need extra pav.

A word of caution these snacks are not for the faint hearted. They are loaded with Amul butter and believe me I gained wieght in just a week of this!

The pizza and the kulfi were a failure as looks like I did not head to the authentic stalls .The pizza was a Indian street version of the Italian one and the kulfi was more icy than creamy,which maybe because we headed to Ashrafilals by mistake. This also made me wonder if the non icy but cool nature of kulfis can be attributed to traditional cooling methods than the ice freezer which was used here which ends up making the kulfi icy as opposed to the traditional kulfi vendors which use traditional coolers.

Another must try on our list was the Manek Chowk which comes alive as a food street by night after a hectic day as vegetable market in the mornings! As we were here on the weekend,we finally got to enjoy the crowd and fervor with which the locals enjoyed the streetFood. Manek chowk is quite small a place and it was completely packed! There was no way we knew how the vendors knew who ordered what and what was the bill. But they managed everything so efficiently!

We tried the much recommended pav bhaji here which was melt in mouth and star of our experience at Manek chowk. Next up we also saw the chocolate cheese sandwhich bieng served at a table next to us and we had to have it! This was another must try with the sweetness of cadbury, the salty grated cheese and the fluffy bread.Heres a sneak peek:


We also tried the chinese bhel ,tawa pulao which was much recommended by locals which was average for us.

Next up was time to indulge the sweet tooth!Tiny Rabdi earthen cups all the way from Mt Abu filled with delicious Rabdi. And the kulfi! This time not at Ashrafi lals but another local gujarathi named stall which was creamy and  exactly how we love it.

A special mention of the poha for breakfast topped with grated beet,onions,tomato and mixture that kept me going on all days in Gujarat and was so yummy I did not waste even a morsel of it!

Also of the authentic Gujju thalis we tried at Sasuji,Gordhan Thaal:


And the village experience with yummy food at Vishalas where we had puri fried in ghee that were super yummy and the yummy parotas!


Apologize but no regret  for the lack of pictures as I had been too busy stuffing myself with food:p