tea poached clementines



After my experiment with poached pears I felt a bit more adventurous and confident enough to want to look out for more techniques and flavor combinations on poaching.While I was browsing the narrow alleyways of lesser known blog addresses of the internet I came across this tea poached clementine write up somewhere for which sadly I did not bookmark the link and I cant find it no matter how much I search. But the idea stuck and I have gone completely intuitive with this recipe.And I have to say it is quite a good flavor pairing. So sending out my love  to you whoever you are for inspiring me to try this. I did try it with plain yoghurt for the lack of any custard or creamcheese at home but I yoghurt dint work well for me as a flavor combination. Just the tea poached clementines by themselves were really yum though.This recipe makes a serving for 1.


3 tsp tea powder( you can go fancy here. I used red label tea that I had at hand.Pretty ordinary tea)

1 cup sugar:divided into 3/4th cup and 1/4th cup

1 cup water

3-4 segments of orange

1 star anise


Add the tea powder to the water and bring it to a boil till it turns a beautiful red. Take it off the heat before the tea color changes to a muddy brown and strain off the tea powder.

To this tea decoction add the star anise,3/4th cup sugar and let it boil till the sugar has dissolved.

Now turn the heat to a low and  add the orange/clementine segments and let it simmer for 10-15min.Make sure the liquid is covering the orange segments completely.Keep as eye out so that you dont overcook the orange segments. we are looking for glossy plump orange segments. Once this is done, separate the orange segments and separate half of the liquid decoction and store.

To the remaining decoction add the 1/4th cup of sugar and further boil this liquid till it caramelises and turns into a sticky sauce consistency. Take care to keep the heat low and not to burn the sugar. Once this is achieved, turn of the heat and plate the dessert.

Arrange the orange segments on a deep dish plate, pour the liquid tea decoction and then the caramelised tea flavored sauce and serve with custard or icecream on the side.