Vitamin Soppu-edible plants in India

There are many  native greens known through the coastal regions of Mangalore and Udupi and used in local cuisine that you find in native homes but hardly in restaurants. Vitamin soppu is one such.It goes by the following names:

chakramuni soppu

Sayur Manis in Malaysia

Mani cai in China

sweetleaf in english


and its scientific name is sauropus androgenous.

Heres more on its name:

This is a very nutritious vegetable and can be stir fried,steamed or eaten raw. It is something of a superfood due to its high nutrition content. Heres nutritional info from

Protein: 4.9 g Katuk – 0.43 g Spinach
Calcium: 51 mg Katuk – 15 mg Spinach
Iron: 2.7 mg  Katuk – 0.4 mg Spinach
Vitamin A: 1122 IU – Katuk 1407 IU Spinach
Vitamin C: 83 mg  Katuk – 4.2 mg Spinach

But for all of its benefits it is quite deadly when consumed in excess and hence moderation is advised.

Here are some different ways the Vitamin soppu is cooked worldwide:

In Udupi/Mangalore:

Vitamin soppu tambli:

Vitamin soppu chutney:

In Vietnam:

Katuk soup with shrimp and pork:

In Malaysia:

Sayur Manis egg stirfry:

Pan mee which specifically is made with sweetleaf:

金记面家 – Kam Kei Noodles House


In China:

Manicai Fried Beehoon (树籽菜炒米粉)

So heres another exotic vegetable right from your backyard for some exotic cooking.Happy cooking!