Yoghurt dip with kashmiri garlic and caramelised onions

Snacking can be healthy without boring your tastebuds with drab food and this delicious recipe for yoghurt dip proves my point.Whats more, its easy to put together in a jiffy.
On my shopping trip this weekend, I came across some kashmiri single clove garlic which are so full of flavor even when they are so tiny and I decided to use them in this dip recipe but you can use normal garlic instead.
I decided to use caramelised onions and garlic flavoring for this dip which makes me think am going full Turkish on this dip but theres a twist, we are going to use the Indian Tadka method to extract the full flavors of the garlic into this dip.

5 kashmiri garlic pods/2 normal garlic cloves

1 tbsp caramelised onions


1 cup hung yoghurt or greek yoghurt as per your choice of thickness of dip

1 tsp ghee for tempering

fresh cilantro/coriander leaves for garnish

For the tadka:
In a wok, add some ghee and when it is heated up, add the garlic and let it brown. Once done switch off the flame. Now we have extracted the intense flavour of the garlic into the ghee using the Indian tempering/tadka method. Let this cool.

While we wait for it to cool let me share some interesting things I came across on how the Tadka method works. Not many fats have a high heating point and usually smoke up and get toxic when heated beyond the smoking point. Hence ghee is preferred for a tadka as it has a very high heating point of upto 400 degree Celsius. In India most households have a tadka pan specifically for making tadka or tempering as it helps to extract flavors of spices into the oils in a jiffy. The shape of the tadka pan is also very important. The more curved and deep the bowl, the lesser oil you end up using to immerse the ingredients in the oil unlike if you used a flat pan to achieve the same results.

Blend together the tempered garlic with ghee, the caramelised onions,the yoghurt and season with salt.

garnish with fresh cilantro leaves.

Serve with crackers or potato wedges or salad.